King Phisher Release 1.10

Today we’re proud to announce the next release of King Phisher, version 1.10. This release saw extensive changes under the […]

Fire and Forget: Meterpreter Automation

Throughout the past year I have been conducting routine phishing assessments for a client. For their final test of the […]

CSRF on Anonymous Forms

Using CSRF on Anonymous Forms This article will focus on linking CSRF vulnerabilities with phishing attacks to extend the lifetime […]

Termineter 1.0

Termineter Version 1: Come With Me If You Want To Pwn… Almost six years after its initial release, SecureState has […]

2017 FOSS Contributions

We here at SecureState heavily rely on the Open Source tools that are available from the information security community. Like […]

Quick Reference: Empire Persistence Modules

During a penetration test you may find yourself in a situation where your foothold in the network is tenuous and […]