Boston Key Party CTF Crypto-200

I love using sponges for crypto Who doesn’t, right? This past weekend was the Boston Key Party (BKP) CTF which […]

Capture the Flag 2017 – Example Challenges

Early next year, SecureState will host its fourth annual Capture the Flag event. We wanted to give our potential participants […]

CTF Example – Web Application Security

During SecureState’s 2016 Capture the Flag (CTF) event, the Web Application Security category took the format of a full-blown web […]

CTF Example – Social Engineering

When a client requests a Social Engineering assessment, they are wanting to test any weaknesses found in the people themselves, […]

CTF Example – Physical Challenges

In the Physical Challenge category, problems are focused on simulating technical skills that a consultant might have to use on […]

CTF Example – Web Application Security Part II

In our previous post, we talked about using robots.txt to uncover hidden information about a target website. By the end […]