Segmenting, Subnetting and You

I  completed a week of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) training and passed the exam.  I learned an interesting bit […]

Block Cipher Modes of Operation: A Primer

Block ciphers, as the name suggests, encrypt a cleartext by splitting it into individual blocks. Therefore, a key property of […]


So another year has passed and what an active year it was, chocked full of security events, breaches, and account […]

Defending Web Apps: WAFs versus RASPs

Edsger Dijkstra once famously stated, “Testing shows the presence, not the absence of bugs.” Accordingly, even well-tested web applications written by […]

Encryption Basics: HMAC

We have covered a method for key exchange, and we have covered a way to implement public key encryption and […]

Penetration Panel Follow-Up: Defensive Best Practices

We recently held a Penetration Panel webinar that consisted of a nice mix of our attack and defense teams. The […]