Footprinting the Target with Recon-ng

Thank you for dropping in for part 2 of our tutorial series on LaNMaSteR53’s Recon-ng information gathering framework. Last time, […]

Reconnaissance with Recon-ng

Intro to Recon-ng Reconnaissance is the first and arguably the most critical phase of any penetration test. It is the […]

Email Hunting – Recon with

The Problem with OSINT… Something we as pentesters have to contend with on each of our engagements is recon. It […]

Ghosts in the Machines

Methods for the prevention, detection, and removal of ghosts in digital networks We often find that clients are so focused […]

Decrypting SSL Traffic with Wireshark

I recently was involved in an responding to an incident and one thing that was key to our investigation was […]

CTF – Malware Analysis Walkthrough

SecureState hosted a capture the flag tournament for high school students at Mount Union back in April. This is the […]