Pentesting Restrictive Environments – Part 2

Putting it all together Note: This blog is part 1/2 of Pentesting Restrictive Environments. I highly recommend reading part 1 […]

Pentesting Restrictive Environments – Part 1

The Scenario On a recent engagement, the client was focused on testing the controls that were in place within the […]

Breakdown of HTTP Messages

HTTP is a stateless protocol used in the World Wide Web (WWW) to facilitate a client-server data transaction. HTTP/1.1 is […]

Prevent GPO from applying to your attack VM

You’re on an engagement and just obtained your first set of credentials. Score! You attempt to join your Windows VM […]

Interior Routing Protocols: The Basics

Being part of the blue team it is helpful to have familiarity with routing protocols as they help you move […]

Razer rzpnk.sys IOCTL 0x22a050 ZwOpenProcess (CVE-2017-9769)

Today SecureState is releasing the second and more serious of two unpatched vulnerabilities identified within drivers used in the gaming […]