Organizing the Bad News – Auditing Passwords with Python

From time to time we find ourselves conducting a password audit for a client.  While not terribly exciting from an […]

Metasploit Module of the Month – enum_ad_computers

Summer has officially ended and Autumn is setting in. As the leaves begin to fall and September draws to a […]

Pillage Exchange

A while back I wrote a post detailing a technique for pillaging .pst files.  A .pst is a “personal storage folder” created […]

Metasploit Module of the Month – ntlm_info_enumeration

This post will be the first in an ongoing series devoted to covering various modules in the Metasploit Framework and […]

Password Filtering: Taking Bad Decisions Away from Users

(Originally published by @fluffy_bs)   I recently had this conversation with a client following a pen test: Client: “What is […]