Android 7: Intercepting App Traffic

A standard aspect of any mobile application security (MAS) assessment is intercepting and analyzing network traffic generated by the application under […]


So another year has passed and what an active year it was, chocked full of security events, breaches, and account […]

Ghosts in the Machines

Methods for the prevention, detection, and removal of ghosts in digital networks We often find that clients are so focused […]

Build Your Own Pentest Pi

Raspberry Pis are really a thing of beauty. They’re extremely versatile and can perform multiple tasks in spite of their small […]

Physical Recon TTPs – Urban Environment

The importance of onsite recon is too often overlooked when discussing physical penetration tests. Map analysis and OSINT are both essential to […]

Welcome to The War Room

An Introduction to The War Room   Hello and thank you for taking the time to stop by. If you […]