Bypassing Gmail’s Malicious Macro Signatures

Malicious macros in Excel spreadsheets are one of the most common methods of delivery in phishing attacks. If the premise […]

CTF – Malware Analysis Walkthrough

SecureState hosted a capture the flag tournament for high school students at Mount Union back in April. This is the […]

Real World Malware Analysis Part 4: Dynamic Analysis

Last time we used to automate a lot of our analysis, but the process was not without a few sticking points. Malware analysis typically […]

Real World Malware Analysis Part 3: Sandbox

In the first post, we created our own malware lab with some basic tools. Now we’re going to use someone else’s sandbox. […]

Real World Malware Analysis: The Original Phishster

When my friend first told me that he was phished with a Word document, two infection methods came to mind: either […]

Real World Malware Analysis Part 1

Full Disclosure: Malware analysis isn’t my area of expertise, but I have been looking for chances to learn more. Let’s […]