The Inner Workings Of Railgun

Recently, Railgun functionality was added to Metasploit’s Python Meterpreter. This blog describes details of the implementation and how it provides […]

Pivot, Exploit, Death by Firewall

Another scenario that is getting all too familiar: It is another day in the office. The external penetration test is […]

Meterpreter Transports: Digging in with your Shell!

The scenario is all too familiar: Its a been a long week of digital warfare, and you are about to […]

Launch rdesktop from Metasploit

I often resort to remote desktop sessions when pillaging or attempting lateral escalation.  Remote desktop provides an easy way to […]

Metasploit Module of the Month – enum_ad_computers

Summer has officially ended and Autumn is setting in. As the leaves begin to fall and September draws to a […]

Accessing Internal Web Apps via Meterpreter on a Jumpbox

Post breach on a recent external penetration test, I wanted to do some poking around the target’s intranet which required […]