Quick Reference: Empire Persistence Modules

During a penetration test you may find yourself in a situation where your foothold in the network is tenuous and […]

Footprinting the Target with Recon-ng

Thank you for dropping in for part 2 of our tutorial series on LaNMaSteR53’s Recon-ng information gathering framework. Last time, […]

Obfuscating Launchers to Limit Detection

Last time, I provided a method for encrypting macro payloads (https://warroom.securestate.com/encrypt-macros-bypass-sandboxes/)  to prevent them from executing correctly in the event […]

Pivot, Exploit, Death by Firewall

Another scenario that is getting all too familiar: It is another day in the office. The external penetration test is […]

Customizing King Phisher Using Plugins

With the ability to write your own plugins for King Phisher, basically the possibilities for what YOU want King Phisher […]

Intro to OSINT

*All images in this post were found using publicly available sources and should be used for educational purposes only One […]