King Phisher Release 1.9

Today SecureState is proud to announce the latest release of our open source Phishing tool King Phisher. This release brings […]

King Phisher Release 1.8

The King Phisher version 1.8 has arrived with the following changes: Warn Python 2.7 users that this is the last […]

Obfuscating Launchers to Limit Detection

Last time, I provided a method for encrypting macro payloads (  to prevent them from executing correctly in the event […]

King Phisher Release 1.7

Today we’re proud to release the latest version of King Phisher, 1.7. Since the last release, we have added two […]

King Phisher Release 1.6

We are happy to announce the long awaited release of version 1.6. The development of version 1.6 is massive compared to […]

Encrypt Macros – Bypass Sandboxes

It’s no secret that phishing is the most widely used and most successful attack vector in breaches and targeted attack […]