The Inner Workings Of Railgun

Recently, Railgun functionality was added to Metasploit’s Python Meterpreter. This blog describes details of the implementation and how it provides […]

Boston Key Party CTF Crypto-200

I love using sponges for crypto Who doesn’t, right? This past weekend was the Boston Key Party (BKP) CTF which […]

Evil AP Attacks with Spoofed Certificates

We’ve written in the past about the “Evil twin” or “Evil AP” attack using hostapd-wpe (“wireless pwnage edition”). This remains […]

Making Raw Syscalls on Windows From Python

Often times while writing a proof of concept for an exploit or doing vulnerability research its necessary to make a […]

Do That Auto Complete

These days we all enjoy the ease of use in graphical text editors. Some text editors will propose suggested words […]

Becoming a Master Template Creator with Jinja2: Introduction

In my previous line of work, I made a living as a web developer. My time was spent building websites […]