Do it Live! – Social Engineering Training

Social engineering one of the most utilized attack vectors used in real world breaches. These come in the form of […]

Target Locked: Game Accounts

Millions of people play video games in some way, shape, or form, from Call of Duty to World of Warcraft […]

Building a Convincing USB Drop

One of my favorite attack vectors is the USB drop. At SecureState, our two go-to drops are the Rubber Ducky and […]

Gotta Vish ‘Em All: Managing a Large Vishing Engagement

I was recently tasked with managing a rather large vishing campaign targeting a major financial institution. Normally when we get […]

Identity Legitimacy: Making Your Own ID Badge

A big part of performing any sort of physical penetration assessment involves a little bit of social engineering. More often […]

Pretexting: Your Targets Want to, They Just Don’t Know it Yet

When conducting a social engineering engagement, be it in person or remote, your pretext can mean life or death for […]