Capture the Flag 2017 – Example Challenges

Early next year, SecureState will host its fourth annual Capture the Flag event. We wanted to give our potential participants […]

CTF Example – Web Application Security

During SecureState’s 2016 Capture the Flag (CTF) event, the Web Application Security category took the format of a full-blown web […]

CTF Example – Coding

You sit there in front of your desk after getting hired in to a security position, and quickly realize that […]

CTF Example – Wireless Security

Each of SecureState’s previous Capture the Flag events has included a challenge in which participants were tasked with tracking down […]

CTF Example – Cryptography

Our Cryptography challenges have historically been paper-and-pencil options, requiring less raw, technical skill to complete. The category is meant to […]

CTF Example – Forensics

You might not realize it, but your files say a lot about your identity. Whenever you take a picture on […]