Leveraging MS16-032 with PowerShell Empire

It’s not very often in the life of a pentester that you find a point-and-click exploit that works right out […]

MasterLock Combination Lock Vulnerabilty and Exploit

A couple of weeks ago, I came across an article from Samy Kamkar on how to successfully guess a combination for […]

Walking The Stack Back To Userland

The nature of writing kernel exploits is tricky. The necessity for reliable exploitation is paramount given that a failure will […]

Vulnerabilities 2014: Moving Forward

2014 saw the release of a number of critical vulnerabilities that caused media storms and left script kiddies on the edge of their […]

MS14-040 AFD.sys Dangling Pointer Further Analysis

In July of this year (2014), an excellent write up was released by Sebastian Apelt of Siberas on the vulnerability […]