Making Raw Syscalls on Windows From Python

Often times while writing a proof of concept for an exploit or doing vulnerability research its necessary to make a […]

An Analysis of MS16-098 / ZDI-16-453

This past patch Tuesday, Microsoft released MS16-098, a patch for multiple vulnerabilities in “Kernel-Mode Drivers”. Within this patch, the vulnerability identified […]

Leveraging MS16-032 with PowerShell Empire

It’s not very often in the life of a pentester that you find a point-and-click exploit that works right out […]

I Like Syscalls (And I Cannot Lie)

So with the release of Windows 10 I (like many before me) decided to look into what new syscalls have […]

Walking The Stack Back To Userland

The nature of writing kernel exploits is tricky. The necessity for reliable exploitation is paramount given that a failure will […]